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The Animals Are Talking
And We Are Listening

Raising Animal Rescue Awareness
Through Music

 Hi, I'm Greg, Chipotle's dad. As a Songwriter, I am always looking for inspiration, and my Dog, Chipotle, wanted me to tell his story, so I created a song for him. After being loose in the White Mountain area of Northern Arizona, he was captured by a kill shelter, saved by a no-kill shelter, and from there, we adopted him. My Second Chance is the song of Chipotle's journey! And now, as CnG's SongRoads we are emBARKING on a new mission to help animal rescue organizations through the voices of the animals they care for. Spreading PAWsitivity and care through songs highlighting the good and sometimes the not-so-good stories the animals want to tell us. We are giving our animals a voice using the most magical medium, music!